Saying Hello to AL

As of yesterday, I am the proud owner of a brand new MacBook Pro. It is the 13″, 2.5Ghz model, with 500GB hard drive, 4GB of RAM. I didn’t choose the retina display for a couple of reasons; cost and necessity. For what I use my laptop, the extra cost of retina display was not worth it to me and thus I didn’t want to spend a few hundred dollars more for something that would be nothing but eye candy for me. I chose to go with the base 4GB of RAM because my last Windows laptop had 3GB of RAM and I had no problems, so I decided to go with the 4GB. However, I do have an extra grace period to change my mind about the configuration because I bought it just before the Xmas holiday’s, I may still go back and change it for the 8GB model. I also decided against the very slim and beautiful MacBook Air for the simple reason that whatever model I bought, I would be unable to modify the configuration, no hard drive or ram upgrades. To me, this was a big negative for the MacBook Air. If I can’t upgrade the hard drive or at least add more RAM, that is a deal breaker. Another major sticking point with the MBA was the price, I thought for what you get under the hood, aside from an ultra fast SSD hard drive, the price was not worth it.

Unlike most people who get new computers, the first thing I don’t do is install anything on it. The first thing I do, is give the machine a name. My previous laptop was Beasty2K7, its predecessor was Beasty2K. To break with this tradition of naming my machines BeastyXX and to start my life as an Apple user, I have decided to name my MBP, AL. On a side note, my iPad2 is called George, and my Samsung Galaxy phone is called Sammy.; but sometimes I refer to it as “You piece of sh*t!!!”.

As I am going to go full on Apple with my technological purchases and to complete my collection of gadgets, my next purchase will be an iPhone5 in one form or another once my current contract is up in a couple of months. Of course if I think an iPhone6 is coming out not to soon after my contract is up, I may stall for that; but as I don’t have to think about that for the moment.

I’m quite excited to unify my ecosystem. An ecosystem whose applications can synchronize with little or no effort and some can even be interchanged between gadgets is a major motivation for making the move. I’m particularly excited to unify my mobile technology. I have already started to download on to my iPad some apps that I think will be good to have on an iPhone. These are applications that I downloaded while they were temporarily free, so I took advantage of getting them. At worst, I’ll delete if I don’t think I need them or like them.

Although I will be going full on Apple for my technology, I won’t completely abandon my Microsoft roots. I will still use the Office Suite, Gmail for my mail and cloud services. So, as I close the door on my Microsoft Operating System life, I open the door on my new life with all that is Apple.


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