Cutting the Apple Up

I truly believe the honeymoon phase with my new Apple products is over. I wrote in an earlier blog about some of the things that bothered me about the iPhone 5 and in another, about some of the problems I had with the MacBook Pro. I have not had a problem with my iPad 2 yet; at least none that are worthy of me to complain about because other than wanting more RAM, I can’t find a thing I don’t like about my iPad.

I don’t want anyone thinking I regret making the move to an all Apple world. It is rather some of the stuff I miss when I was on Android and Windows. The ease of having information instantly shared among my various devices is, at least to me, the crown jewel in the overall experience and one of the underlying factors in my decision to have all my tech come from the same company. However, there are still Apple way of doing things that baffle me to no end. I don’t understand how a company that strives for a great customer experience, can also give some of the worst user experience I have ever had.

I have had an Apple ID for years. I created my ID when I received as a gift an iPod nano many years ago. When I created the ID, I set it up using my Hotmail account. My Hotmail account at the time, was my go to account for almost everything I did. However, in the years since, my Hotmail account has pretty much gone the way of the dodo bird and exists simply because I have to keep it around for certain things.

Apples Closed Mindedness Shining Through, aka Apple's Stupidity

Apples Closed Mindedness Shining Through,
aka Apple’s Stupidity

Now that I have gone full on Apple, I want to use my Apple email address when I log on to the App Store or iTunes. I want to make sure when I make a purchase, the receipt will be sent to my Apple ID account and not my Hotmail account. However, the geniuses at Apple do not allow me to make the Apple ID email address, my primary email account. What???!!!! Why would Apple not want me to use Apple’s service as my main address? My alternate email address is not from Apple (Gmail) and if you could see below the screen shot, there would be another two alternate email addresses I can use to recover my password/account information if needed. Why oh why would Apple force me to use a competitor’s email address as a my primary id? What incentive do I have to use Apple’s service? Is it me or does this sound counterproductive?

I don’t even understand why the @me still exists for Apple. It is no longer used and should really just be something that is only seen by Apple and routed behind the scenes to the @icloud address. Maybe it is my technological and organized side coming out; but if you don’t need something, you should get rid of it. From my experience the less techno babble presented to the user, the better.

Another problem I am still having is with Mail on my MBP asking at least once a day the password for one of my email accounts. I should give Apple a call to find out why that is. However, I’ve been working with and on computers since I was knee high to a grasshopper and have never had to ask for help, to fix a problem. I can’t believe that after only about 6 weeks with an Apple machine, I have to call customer support. I am used to finding a solution by myself or being able to find a solution online. However, as I have stated in an earlier blog where I complained about Mail, I have yet to find a solution online that has worked for me.

All of these little annoyances are starting to drive me a little bit nuts. If it was just one or two things, than maybe, just maybe I could let them slide. However, with each passing day they grate a little more on my nerves. I hope this is more of a phase I’m going through and it will pass, as I basically like my tech gear and don’t want to backtrack to Android and Windows. Maybe there’s some kind of counseling I can go to. Something that is the equivalent to couples counseling for people.

Sure the email thing is not related to hardware; but it is related to how Apple does things. That is to say, we do it our way and we aren’t going to change for no one. I wish I could sit down with some of the decision makers at Apple and express what I am sure others thinking as well.

Am I going to get a divorce from my Apple products? No, of course I’m not. I’m in it for the long haul and as the marriage vow goes, I’m in it for better or worse.


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